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This is a very rare shirt from Ireland's tour of South America in May 1974. It was worn by Manchester United's Gerry Daly in the 2-1 defeat to Brazil in the Maracana on the 5th May 1974. Daly came on as a substitute for Ray Treacy at half-time and played the whole of the second half. At the final whistle, he swapped shirts with one of his Brazilian opponents who kept the shirt.

Incredibly, the Brazilian player (unfortunately, I do not know who he was) wrote the match details on the sleeve of the shirt so I am 100% certain that it is from this match. The shirt itself has a number of mud stains on it which indicate that it was definately worn. I have looked over the match records and it was indeed Gerry Daly who would have worn this shirt (Tony Dunne also came on as a substitute but his shirt number would have been lower than 18).

The shirt is extremely rare for two reasons: firstly, I do not know of any other matches where Ireland played with the logo in the centre of the shirt like this - it has always been on the left hand side of the shirt. Secondly, the shirt was not manufactured by the usual manufacturder of Irish shirts from this period, O'Neills, but by a South American manufacturer, Athleta, who also manufactured the Brazilian shirts from this period