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This shirt was allocated to Lee Carsley for the 2002 World Cup Finals in Japan and South Korea. The shirt is a green, home, short-sleeved jersey and has been signed on the front by Carsley. It bears his squad number to the front and name and number to the back and also has the official 2002 World Cup logo on the right-sleeve of the shirt. This logo was only on shirts that were worn / issued for the actual Finals themselves. Carsley only made one appearance during the 2002 World Cup - as a substitute in one of the group matches. This is not his shirt from that game so there can be no question that this is an unworn spare.

There are no match details on the front of the shirt. I have been reliably informed that the Irish shirts were left without any match details until the players were literally in the dressing room beforehand when only the shirts they would actually wear had them applied. Every player had one shirt with the match details applied for each game. This meant that all unworn spares were left blank. The reason for this was almost certainly to save on the cost of supplying the squad with several shirts each for every match! The unworn spares from each game were left blank so that they could be used in the next match.