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This shirt was issued to an unknown player for the 2002 World Cup Qualifier against Portugal on June 2nd 2001. It is a green, home, short-sleeved shirt and has the match details written on the front of the jersey. The shirt was signed on the front originally; however, someone has since tried to wash out the signature! Consequently, the signature on the shirt can still just about be seen but not clearly enough to be able to identify who actually signed it. The match itself ended in a 1-1 draw - Roy Keane scored in the second half to give Ireland a 1-0 lead before Figo equalised for Portugal with eleven minutes left. The shirt differs from replica shirts because there is no sponsor's logo on the front: all Ireland replica shirts from 1992 onwards had a sponsor logo written on the front; shirts without a sponsor logo could not be bought in shops from this period onwards