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This shirt was issued to goalkeeper Gerry Peyton around 1985-1987. I do not believe that it was match worn in any matches but it is an official Adidas shirt similar in style to the goalkeeper shirts pictured below. In all probability it is a change-strip shirt that was issued to the goalkeepers for an international match between 1985 and 1987. There were many different goalkeeper shirts produced around this time (see the team photos below) so this shirt could equally be a prototype shirt that was never issued for any specific match! The shirt itself is a grey, long-sleeved, goalkeepers' shirt with the number 1 to the rear. It has been signed on the front by Peyton. The shirt was donated by Peyton to Radio Bournemouth sometime in the mid-1980s as a competition prize. I purchased the shirt from the winner of that competition. Peyton was playing for AFC Bournemouth at the time. Although I cannot say definitively what the shirt was made for it is still, at the very least, a bona-fide match issued shirt: the fact that Peyton has signed it and donated it is a prize is proof of that!