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This is a shirt that was allocated to midfielder Roy Keane for the friendly match against China on March 23rd 2005. The match ended in a 1-0 win for Ireland. The shirt is a green, home, long-sleeved jersey. It has not been signed by Keane. The shirt was given to a prominent shirt collector in Ireland  by the then manager Brian Kerr who was very clear that it was not an U.21 shirt - it was definitely from the friendly against China. Roy Keane was allocated the number 17 shirt for this fixture. I purchased the shirt from that collector and it came to me with a signed letter of authenticity. There were no match details printed on any of the shirts from the friendly against China, as can be seen from the photo below. I have been told by a reliable source that the reason for this is because China were expected by the FAI to be wearing red shirts. Ireland had prepared to showcase their new, white, away shirts but when the Chinese arrived with white shirts too a last-minute change was needed! This meant that Ireland reverted to green to prevent a clash of colours. Roy Keane was unusually selected as a substitute for this fixture and made an appearance in the second half. However he wore a short-sleeved shirt so while this is definitely one of his match shirts there can be no question of this shirt being worn