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This shirt was worn by Charlton Athletic midfielder Matt Holland during the 0-0 draw with World Champions Brazil in February 2004. Brazil fielded a virtually full strength team including the likes of Ronaldo, Kaka, Roberto Carlos, Cafu and Ronaldinho but were unable to beat Ireland - however, of course, the 0-0 scoreline might have been different had it not been a friendly!

The shirt is a short-sleeved green number 6 shirt. As can be seen from the photos below, Holland did wear short-sleeves during the match. I obtained the shirt from a very reliable source who assured me that this is the shirt that Matt Holland actually wore - not one of his spares. The match details have been embroidered onto the front of the shirt in yellow; this is unusual because the match details are normally written in white. I have a feeling that they were written in yellow as a special mark of respect for the fact that it was the World Champions Ireland were playing! The shirt differs from replica shirts because there is no sponsor's logo on the front: all Ireland replica shirts from 1992 onwards had a sponsor logo written on the front; shirts without a sponsor logo could not be bought in shops from this period onwards.

The shirt has been signed on the front by Holland in clear black marker. He has added "Best Wishes" by his signiture. The images below show him prior to the match and also playing in the match itself